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8551: Francophonie - francofolly (fwd)

From: AR Perrault <arperrault_04@yahoo.com>

Again, I think the PRO-FHANCOPHONE are missing a crucial point:

I am not talking about eradicating french from Haiti
You said it: Creole first, then french.

Yes you can make french your own. 200-300 years of french in Haiti, but
having only 10% that speaks it, excludes 90% of the people and reflects
on the failure of that experiment. 
So should we spend 300 more years to get to 20% francophone in Haiti?

I am not concerned about those who want to speak french, I am concerned
about the 8.2 million of people who CANNOT.  The reason why they cannot
speak it never occur to you that they don't want to speak it. 
Diaspo' learn english! Braseros learn spanish! 
Why so little success with french?

French has this arrogance, this "Jenesaisquoi", connaisseur, allure
that SEEMS to make it dinstinguish:"to speak FRENCH is to be educated!"

A man's education is NOT determined by the language that he speaks.

Ronel Perrault, PhD

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