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8582: Mary O'Grady

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>
<P>Dear Phil, </P>
<P>You asked: does anyone know if Mary O'Grady has ever been to Haiti? Is
she </P>
<P>any kind of reporter? </P>
 <P>It doesn't seem that such trivialities are required&nbsp;in the good
 ol' Haiti bashing zoo. In her very first paragraph, the Wall Street
 Journal - ist&nbsp;did reveal her source. She was told&nbsp;by a U.S.
 official. Can you beat that? The gospel according to one of our good   
 friends - like the one from the United Nations who shot the image of a 
 pig bathing in mud as Haiti welcoming the new millenium - remember that