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8583: Where are we now? (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

According to Mr. Neptune, Fanmi Lavalas had proposed
the organization of legislative elections anticipated
for the House of Commons in November 2002. Fanmi
Lavalas had also proposed the organization of
elections for 12 posts of senators including those of
the 7 seats disputed by the OAS and 5 which had made
object of no dispute. 

In my opinion something is fishy. How come the
negotiators had chosen to add 5 undisputed senate
seats on the table? On what criterion the additional
seats were selected? I reread the latest constitution
I do not see anywhere the president has the authority
to reduce the term of any elected official. 
Who had certified the election? Judge Gassant had left
the country for security reason and had returned since
the government had taken steps to protect him. The
former CEP president Lawyer Leon Manus had claimed a
similar thing and was willing to return to either
certify or nullify the election. 
The lavalas had made a colossal mistake in adding
these 5 additional seats that can be the basis to
nullify the May's election, if you can add 5, why not
10, 15.  The Haitian President had called yesterday
for the parties to go above partisan politic, he had
realized that mistake and call implicitly for a redo
of the congressional election. You have to read
between the lines, it won't take long for the
president to make this call since he knows his post is
safe. When you become weak in a negotiation and be the
one to take decision all lead to catastrophe. 
	Folks the convergence has indeed brought down the
lavalas congress even for a short time. In the coming
days, weeks or months, President Aristide will have to
call for a redo of the May election, he should do it
early to protect his camp and Mr. Aristide is not in
the hurry to protect any of them since they are not
loyalist. The Convergence is not either in the hurry,
they want the lavalas to make more colossal mistakes
which can prevent some of their members from getting
elected. Where are we now, nobody knows what the
President is thinking, this makes Aristide "one man

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