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8595: Re: 8592: GOP gaining Haitian voters (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

psmith@emerald.tufts.edu writes:

<< Who - what is "elite" ??????????? >>
You may be considered elite if you have the elitist attitude.  If you are not 
milat but nwa in color yet feel you are entitled to special treatment over 
those of lower birth, you may be considered "lelit".  If you feel superior in 
every way to those living in poverty and do not want programs to help lift 
these people up....you may be considered elite.  If you long for the days of 
Duvalier when things were safer, you may be considered elite or at the least 
Duvalierist (I mentioned both in my previous post).  Not all rich people 
callously disregard the lives of millions of poor people in Haiti.  Not all 
middle class Haitians are elite wannabes.  But a good many of the French 
speaking Haitians in Haiti are the ones who are divisive......not I and not 
the majority class Haitian.

Kathy Dorce~