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8506: The new Provisional Electoral Council (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

 The new Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)ís formation.

Knowing the importance the CEPís mandate has for the Convergence, the OAS
and the CARICOM separated it from the formation. This tactics allowed and
easier step to be taking, creating a psychological sense of accomplishment,
while reducing the tension. Of course, this didnít reduce the difficulties
of the mandateís negotiation. It only postponed them.

However concentrated too intensely on the tacticsí success, the skillful
team allowed the new CEPís formation to be tainted unfortunately by inequity
and exclusion.

The two seats conceded by Aristide, were obviously recuperated by the
Christian ecumenical formation, which suddenly went from one seat to three.
Making them the institution that controls more seats than anyone else; Three
hundred percent more than any party or any federation of parties taking
separately. It is obvious; this inequity tilted the scale in favor of the
ecumenical formation. It makes them the most powerful block of influence in
the CEP. Having a priest as the chief of state aggravates the situation,
putting the other political formation in a disadvantageous situation.
Without any intention neither to agitate any antireligious sentiments nor to
question their integrity and their wisdom, it would be better to have the
scale adequately set, with an equitable repartition of the seats, instead of
relying on the prelateís conscience.

The inclusion and the right to participate are essential and fundamental to
the democratic institution. The new CEP formation has excluded the most
popular religion of Haiti, the religion of the poor, the religion of the
masses, the Vodou religion. Haiti has an agrarian society. 74% of Haitians
are poor peasants. Despite the fact that the Vodou is the majority, it has
been treated constantly as a social and political minority, excluded from
everything. The right of inclusion and participation of a whole block of
humanity has been violated, in the new formation of the CEP. The intent of
the new CEPís formation was to bring more equity and more inclusion. The CEP
ís seats must be adequately distributed and the Vodou most be included. It
is the Convergenceís duty and responsibility to protest against these
inequities and exclusions.

Robert Benodin