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8597: Re: 8588: Zero Tolerance for Zenglendos (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

Many Haitians lost their lives in arbitrary executions during the Francois 
Duvalier regime. 

Many Haitians applauded because Duvalier was protecting the nation from 
Kamokins and Communists. 

Some Haitians have already lost and some will lose their lives in arbitrary 
executions during this present Jean Bertrand Aristide regime. 

Some Haitians are applauding and some will applaud because Aristide is 
protecting the nation from Zinglindos. 

The International Community and Human Rights organizations may know something 
about due process and rule of law but this discussion is about Haiti and they 
do not know Haiti like Mr. Dorce and I know Haiti.   

Presently in Haiti there is no need to check references, curriculum vitae, 
pedigrees and what not if by chance or fortune one is involved in a sudden 
extrajudicial street confrontation [encounter] with men of conscience, good 
people or self appointed Zorros. One will instantly know of their good nature 
and of their infallible good intention. 

(Hint: the good people are dressed in black and are no longer afraid. The bad 
people are dressed in white and are just discovering fear). 

Like Mr. Dorce I want criminals to be stopped from committing repeat crimes 
with impunity and without judicial intervention and sanction. 

I say all this with authority and confidence because I was born in 
Port-au-Prince and I know how it works.