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8601: Knowles on Chamberlain on O'Grady (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <phildk@prodigy.net>

While the WSJ column by Mary O'Grady seemed to me and others uninformed and
irresponsible, it was left to Greg Chamberlain to demolish it.  His balance
and honesty are for me always a voice of informed reason in this Forum.

Having said that, what then?  I would like to invite Mary O'Grady to dialog
here, and eventually to pay Haiti a good visit..  Perhaps she will be
appalled and become even more negative  -  but perhaps instead she will see
the story in more realistic terms and abandon the slash and burn
editorials.. Wouldn't that be something?!

Is there anyone who has the WSJ in hand and can come up with an E-mail
address   -  for the Editor, since there wasn't one for Mary..  I would be
glad to receive suggestions, too, and to write the WSJ along these lines.

Phil Knowles