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8602: Why Not Capitalize Upon a Divided Constituency??? (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com



GOP to pursue Haitian-Americans
WESTON - Republicans said Saturday that they would actively court 
Haitian-American voters, vowing no longer to concede the fast-growing 
immigrant group to Democrats.

Members of the newly formed Haitian American Republican Caucus pledged to 
register voters, support Republican candidates and lobby for Haiti.

Speakers at the reception, attended by nearly 100 Republican activists, 
recalled the GOP's roots as the party of Abraham Lincoln, saying Democrats 
have "demonized" their party for not including more minorities.

Instead of giving up on minority voters, they said the Republican Party needs 
to defend its record on issues of race and actively pursue new immigrants.


Why should NOT Florida Republicans NOW work at attracting the 
Haitian-American constituency in their midst, which they did not care enough 
about in November 2000 to consistently/legally/ support linguistically (HC) 
during the recent national Election?

Why NOT capitalize on the French/English/Haitian Creole divide of Haitians 
living in the diaspora?

Why NOT capitalize upon a constituency that does not yet realize where Abe 
Lincoln fit into the equation of not only "freeing the slaves" but "riling 
Southerners" who wanted to maintain the institution of slavery to their own 
economic benefit?

The very Republicans now courting the Haitian-American vote.

Why NOT capitalize on a constituency which is so busy feeling its newly-found 
strength that it fails to recognize/address the fact that Haitian immigrants 
are still turned away at Florida's shores, still intercepted at sea in the 
Florida Straits, still intercepted in the bays of many Caribbean nations as 
they yet "hover to be made free"?

Sounds like shades of Jesse Helms et al. to me!

I'd love to see whose budget is truly financing the Haitian American 
Republican Caucus!

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