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8630: Re: 8629: Re: 8619: Zero Tolerance for Zenglendos (fwd)

From: Constantin Severe <csevere@hotmail.com>

  As one of those diaspora, jyspora(however you spell it) Haitian Americans 
born here in the U.S, if I'm going to impose any values I guess I'll impose 
the ones I know.
  The point of a criminal justice system is not only to punish the criminal 
but also to provide security and assurance to society that the right person 
has been punished. To be honest, the effect of such summary executions on 
the criminal bothers me less than its effects on society. Without going into 
the death penalty issue, such a punishment would lessen society. What would 
separate the government from the lot that sets up barricades for every radio 
rumor. When the government uses such a final remedy it should do so with 

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