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8640: Boston Haitian Priest Passed Away (fwd)

From: Nlbo@aol.com

To Corbeteers familiar with Boston,

The Boston Haitian community had lost a long time community person, the 
Reverend Msgr. Leandre Jeannot.  Reverend Jeannot passed away Sunday July 8 
after a long illness supported by his family, his friends and his 
parishioners . He was in his early 70's. Father Jeannot began his ministry in 
Boston in l971 after a brief stay in New York, following his ordination in 
the Catholic priesthood in Columbia.

He began ministering in St. Leo, the first Catholic parish in the U.S with a 
Haitian administrator in Spring of l971.  At the time of his illness, he was 
the pastor of St.Leo/St. Matthews in Dorchester. He was instrumental in 
opening several parishes in the Boston vicinity so Haitian Catholics could 
worship. His most important work was the opening of the Haitian Multi Service 
Center, the only surviving Haitian social service agency in the Boston area. 
He is survived by his two brothers ,two sisters and a nephew.

The wake will be Friday and the funeral Saturday morning.

Peace to his soul.