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8641: Re: 8638: Re Lavalas corruption;Dorce to Simidor (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 07/10/2001 3:22:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Daniel Simidor
<<  I would be interested in knowing what you feel WOULD help 
 > the people.  (Marc Bazin??) 
 Marc Bazin is one of the most powerful ministers in the Lavalas government 
you support, "warts and all." You seem to hold him in much contempt.  How is 
he different from other ministers in the government?  From the prime-minister 
and the president who appointed him?  >>
How is this answering my question?  And how do you get that I hold Bazin in 
much contempt?  See, you are still generating more questions than answers...
The popular movement (not the Chimere movement of today) has time and again 
expressed and fought for what is called in Creole "kaye revandikasyon pp la" 
(the people's basic demands).  There is no mystery here.  By the way, the 
country also needs is a government of honest people, not a government of 
Okay, we agree here, but you don't go far enough.  The people have valid 
demands and they have chosen Aristide to represent them.  Are you telling 
them they are wrong to vote for him and support him?  If so, that's okay too 
but it's just one man's opinion; you can't impose it on the majority.  
But come now, Dorce, do you support lending millions of dollars to a 
government of thieves, money that the people will have to repay?  
I do not know that money given in aid to the GOH will automatically be 
pocketed as in the past.  There are many differences in Aristide's government 
from the Duvalier's so why assume that the money will be taken and not used 
to benefit Haiti.  I don't see that Aristide has had any opportunity to prove 
his honesty or his effectiveness.  He is still treading shark-filled 
water.......how do you move forward in that situation?  
Do you agree with Haiti borrowing money under the neoliberal conditions 
imposed by the international lending institutions? 
No, I don't.  I think Haiti is in dire straights and cannot afford most of 
her "friends'" help.
My post made a very simple point: that Lavalas official corruption is obvious 
and rampant, and that it should not be condoned by people who claim to be 
Haiti's friends.  What part of that sentence are you having trouble with?
I think you make leaps of judgement that suit your point of view.  You have 
not said anything that would make any rational person change their mind about 
supporting Aristide (note I do not say Lavalas).  You tear down and do not 
offer any building materials.  I think if you are going to write with such 
anger and force, you should be productive with that energy.  

Kathy Dorce