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8683: RE: 8672: Haitian Taxes (fwd)

From: Haitian Times <publisher@haitiantimes.com>

The money that the preval government got to build all of these roads and
schools was part of the aid that returned Aristide to power. The US army
built a lot  and some of the projects were contracted to Haitian companies.
Frankly, more was supposed to be done. What was done and seemed to impress
some on the list was only a drop in the bucket. The UN gave mad dollars for
the 250th anniversary of PAP. That's why the champs de Mars was refurbished
and Bicentennaire is getting its own spruce up. The GOH officials privvy to
this list know what I'm talking about. They were the ones who told me about
them in various conversations.


garry pierre-pierre