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8682: Re: 8678: Re: 8673: corruption, or its appearance? (fwd)

From: JAALLEN181@aol.com

    Although we can understand Aristide's reluctance to engage in a debate 
about his personal finances and answer to rumors, his supporters, 
tongue-in-cheek and all, cannot in all honesty, condone his arrogant behavior 
in avoiding financial disclosures mandated by the Haitian constitution.
    By complying with the laws, the president would have answered his critics 
because once and for all we would know what he is worth and the provenance of 
this money.  These are normal procedures in any country, why can't Aristide's 
foreign friends hold him to the same standards applied in their own country.  
This "deux poids deux mesures" reasoning makes me think of Frantz Fanon.  
Holding us and our elected officials to lower standards is the ultimate 
    Since Aristide filed the disclosure forms in 1990, and not in 1995 and 
2000 one would be justified in asking him why he has not bothered to file in 
violation of the electoral laws.  The second question would be: when will his 
Majesty find in his heart to comply with the law?
     It is my understanding that he does not have a choice whether this suits 
his personality or not.
Joseph A. Allen DDS
    Miami, FL