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8681: Re: 8679: Re: 8676: Re: Airline (fwd)

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>


I think you are right by stating that we should mostly invest in the areas 
needing more attention.  It is always better to fulfill biological needs of 
a people before anything.  However, the governement has to work on a way to 
generate revenue for the country so that we can invest on non-profitable 
endeavours.  If everytime we borrow money from international banks and 
invest that money in non-profitable projects then we are going to keep on 
suffering financially.  We ought to start thinking investing in things that 
could promote our financial independance. I think a serious airline would 
generate most needed cash for the country.  How much money does American 
Airlines make that could easily go into the future of this country? Anyway,  
hope we look into that.