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8695: On Lavalas corruption; one mo' time (fwd)

From: karioka9@cs.com

Everybody swears Haiti needs to change, but nobody wants to change their own act.  Sad.

Aside from Hyppolite Pierre's angry outbursts and the calculated silence of the Lavalas apologists, there is a patronizing attitude out there that this is Haiti after all -- let Aristide wet his beak, at least the man is doing something.  This is the same old, same old, attitude that got Haiti where it is today.  Another variant of that patronizing attitude is that Titid is simply too proud to account for his fortune.  Well blow me down! When did Haiti become a monarchy or Aristide's private domain?  If Bill Clinton had to account in the end for his affair "with that woman, Miss Lewinsky," y'all better believe that Aristide will have to come clean for his affair with the country's meager resources.  

The notes on Haitian taxation by MM. Hudicourt, and Pierre-Pierre ably dealt with Hyppolite Pierre's last public diatribe.  Enough said for now on that unsavory subject. 

Daniel Simidor