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8696: Re: 8692: Ira Kurzban, Esq. (GOH's counsel) responds to , Canadian policy , pa... (fwd)

From: MIT2Haiti@aol.com


What can those of us who have known the "Haitian reality" over the long-term 
DO to COUNTER the well-funded, well-placed "fictions" being forwarded by 
those with much, much more money than any of us have AND much, much more 
power than any of us will ever have as individuals or individual institutions?

Haitians have long SPOKEN OF "men anpil, chay pa lou" or "tèt ansanm" BUT 
what EXPERIENCE do Haitians have in "working together to achieve mutual aims"?

Only when Haitians and "Haiti lovers" work together will we get anywhere 
close to the stated goals.



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