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8697: Haiti/Cuba Collaboration in Health Care (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>


1) that there are more than 400 Cuban doctors and other medical personnel
in Haiti who to date have treated more than one million patients during the
three years,

2) the presence in Cuban medical schools of approximately 300 Haitian

3) the presence in Cuban universities and other institutions of more than

4) the plan to open shortly in Haiti a new medical school staffed mostly by
Cuban professors who would use well-proven Cuban pedagogical methods
to train new doctors,

5) the seeding of Haiti's rivers, ponds and lakes with millions of fish and
study of various fish-farming techniques with the view of improving the
population's protein intake,

6) the implementation of a Cuban-assisted epidemiological project to map out
the distribution of diseases in the country -- a necessary first step in the
allocation of health resources, and

7) Cuban efforts to help Haiti improve its health delivery infrastructure,

One can conclude that a major project is underway to improve the quality and
quantity of health services offered to the population.

The fallout on the welfare of the population will be huge.