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8740: "Rashomon" in Haiti

Cc: michael_deibert@hotmail.com

Steve's story could be novelized as villagers in a remote area
in the Northwest protecting themselves, but it could also recount the
murder of a peasant leader, a catechist, and a teacher in the Artibonite,
traveling through unmarked pathways on foot to escape a death squad in
their village 15 km away. [In 1995 during the height of insecurity, a man
"taken by the spirits" (or having a seizure) was slain for stealing a
cooler of sodas. In his frenzy he had walked 10-15 kilometers from home
to an area where he was unknown. He was chopped up, disemboweled and
thrown into the river. The dead man's father explained to me that his son
had this disorder for many years, but his neighbors made allowances for

Nancy Laleau