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8741: 1999 OPL-vs-Fanmi Lavalas power struggle (fwd)

From: Michel DeGraff <degraff@MIT.EDU>

Dear all,

Some of you will surely remember the 1999 phase of the power struggle
between OPL and Fanmi Lavalas.  One locus of this struggle was the
Parliament---the "Chambre des de'pute's.

I would be interested in reading any reports, articles, books written about
the `transition' between the 46th (?) legislature and the 47th (?)
legislature.  The 46th (?) legislature was presided, I believe, by
OPL-member de'pute' Vasco Thernelan.

I am particularly interested in any reliable reports of threats and
violence committed against (ex-)members or (ex-)staff---including
secretaries---of the Mr. Thernelan's chambre des de'pute's, while or after
the 46th legislature was dissolved by President Preval.

(Recall that Preval's dissolution of the OPL-dominated 46th legislature was
followed by a suit against Preval for allegedly violating the

I would greatly appreciate any pointers to any literature documenting this
phase of our recent history (from, say, January 1999 to December 2000).
Again, I am particularly interested in credible reports of physical
violence committed against the dissolved legislature's (ex-)deputies and
their (former) staff.

Thank you very much, in advance,

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