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8742: Re: 8736: Embago on Cuba (fwd)

From: JJEANPIERRE1@aol.com

 AR Perrault asked:
I Have heard on many occasion that Haiti (under papa doc) was the
tie-breaker vote that favored the embargo on Cuba

François Papa Doc Duvalier instructed his minister for foreign affairs René 
Chalmers to cast the tie-breaking vote expelling Cuba from the OAS at a 
reunion held  in January 1962 at Punta Del Este, Uruguay.  In return Dean 
Rusk (then US Secretary of State) promised (and delivered) the Mayi Gate 
(port-au-Prince) airport. 
I believe the embargo was unilaterally adopted by the US, which explains why 
Mexico, Jamaica and Canada (among others), all OAS member countries, could 
have (or restore) diplomatic relations with Cuba while Uncle Sam still has 
this inhumane and anachronistic strangle hold in place.
jean jean-pierre