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8743: Haitian Organizer in NY (fwd)

From: radman <resist@best.com>
From: "Siobhan McGrath" <siobhanmcgrath@hotmail.com>

 >Batay Ouvriye organizer in NYC, 7/27
 >The Global Sweatshop Coalition &
 >The Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network invite you to a forum:
 >From the Free-Trade Sweatshops to the Orange Plantations to the Sugar
 >Fields: The Struggle Against Globalization in Haiti
 >With a representative from Haitian surging
 >independent labor movement, Batay Ouvriye
 >Friday, July 27, 2001 at 6:00 p.m.
 >1199/SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund
 >330 W. 42nd Street, 4th Floor
 >In the Fall of 2000, supported by pressure from workers and activists
 >the world, the Grand Marnier plantation workers in Haiti forced the
 >multinational liquor company to reach a ground-breaking agreement. Many
 >demands were met. A similar struggle is being waged on Cointreau's
 >plantations, another liquor multinational exploiting Haitian laborers.
 >From these crucial plantations struggles, in concert with organizing in
 >Haiti's sweatshops, a vibrant independent labor movement is emerging. On
 >1, 2001, a new federation of independent labor unions and peasant
 >associations was formed in Haiti and its membership is rapidly growing.
 >As activists, organizers and progressives in labor, environmental and
 >justice campaigns join forces to build a strong anti-globalization
 >here in the US, a key to this process is understanding how to build
 >international solidarity.
 >Haiti, the first Black republic in the New World
 >After 2 US occupations, the struggle continues!
 >An injury to one is an injury to all:
 >One Struggle!
 >Co-sponsored by the US Healthcare Trade Union Committee
 >Refreshments will be served
 >Wesley Aten
 >National Labor Committee
 >Tel: (212) 242-3002
 >Fax: (212) 242-3821