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8748: Re: 8747: Re: 8706: no seats on airplanes (fwd)

From: Otello365@aol.com

<< >>>Just came from AA.COM;
 American has 3 flights a day out of Miami #377 @ 8:20A, #1291 @ 11:05A, #803 
@ 1:20P
 There are also three a day out of NY JFK
 #989 @ 6:42, #657 @ 10:30, #2111 @ 6:20P
 All of the flights out of mia are direct, only one out of NY is direct But 
that makes a total of four flights a day into PAP not one as stated by 
several people. I spoke to AA customer service yesterday and they are 
considering adding one or two flights to the summer schedule.
 And that's just checking 2 airports. >>

For what's it's worth, I wouldnt care if AA puts 3, 4, or 5 flights to Haiti 
from NYC.  Last summer, I had a flight leaving on Aug. 3 and coming back on 
Aug. 25.  On July 29 they unilaterally cancelled all second flights out of 
NYC and didnt notify me.  They said that my travel agent, whom they notified, 
was supposed to contact me.  Well the agent didnt.  And needless to say the 
airport was pure hell when people arrived to find that their planes had been 
cancelled.  And in PAP you cant get in a cab and go back home if you come 
from the provinces.  The fighting, yelling, and raging that occurred was 

I spent the night in the Olaffson and came back the next day and got a flight 
only because I had 2 children with me and I fought like hell to get seats.  I 
will never travel to Haiti in the summer and when I do travel, I will always 
call for confirmation no more than 1 or 2 days prior to departure and arrival.