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8749: New Haitian Creole translation (fwd)

Edisyon Klasik (“Classic Editions”) is proud to make Marie de
France’s beloved narrative poem, “Pyebwa frenn nan” (“Le
Fraisne”), available in a bilingual Haitian Creole ~ Old French

About the story:
“Pyebwa frenn nan” tells a beautiful story.  Discover why a mother
abandons one of her twins in a basket hung on a tree in front of a
convent.  Learn of all the trials and hardships that befall the
abandoned girl as she grows up parentless in the convent.  Read about
how the roulette of life can turn around on a person.  This story is
about the pull and tug of love and plotting, of freedom and social
pressures.  It reveals the force of courage that allows a person to
transcend her calamity.  Marie de France shows us how truth and
forgiveness allow what is good to remain strong.  Marie knew how to
create a small world in every line she wrote, thanks to the story she
has given us, our own journey is brightened.  “Pyebwa frenn nan”
is a triumphant story that people of all ages and persuasions can
learn from and cherish.  

About the translators:

Benjamin Hebblethwaite and Jacques Pierre are Research Assistants at
the Creole Institute at Indiana University where they are enrolled as
graduate students in French Linguistics.

To order:
“Pyebwa frenn nan” (bilingual Haitian Creole ~ Old French): $5.00 
“Pyebwa frenn nan” (monolingual Haitian Creole): $3.00  

Price includes postage within the U.S..  Orders outside of the U.S.
send an international money order and add $1 for postage.

Contents: 536 line poem, introduction, illustrations and bibliography.

Send a check or money order made out to “Benjamin Hebblethwaite”

Benjamin Hebblethwaite (Edisyon Klasik)
Bart Villa Apartments # 21
2307 East 2nd Street
Bloomington, IN 47401