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8754: July 27 Haiti Forum in New York City

From: Kapab@aol.com

The Global Sweatshop Coalition &
The Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network
invite you to a forum:
>From the Free-Trade Sweatshops to the Orange Plantations to the Sugar Cane 
The Struggle Against Globalization in Haiti

With a representative from Haiti’s surging 
independent labor movement, Batay Ouvriye
Friday, July 27, 2001 – 6:00 p.m.

1199/SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund
330 W. 42nd Street, 4th Floor

In the Fall of 2000, supported by pressure from workers and activists around 
the world, the Grand Marnier plantation workers in Haiti forced the 
multinational liquor company to reach a ground-breaking agreement. Many key 
demands were met. A similar struggle is being waged on Cointreau's orange 
plantations, another liquor multinational exploiting Haitian laborers.
>From these crucial plantations struggles, in concert with organizing in 
Haiti's sweatshops, a vibrant independent labor movement is emerging. On May 
1, 2001, a new federation of independent labor unions and peasant 
associations was formed in Haiti and its membership is rapidly growing.
As activists, organizers and progressives in labor, environmental and social 
justice campaigns join forces to build a strong anti-globalization movement 
here in the US, a key to this process is understanding how to build effective 
international solidarity.
Haiti, the first Black republic in the New World… After 2 US occupations, the 
struggle continues!

An injury to one is an injury to all:
One Struggle!
Co-sponsored by the US Healthcare Trade Union Committee • Refreshments will 
be served
For information, call: 212-674-9499 • nicadlw@earthlink.net or kapab@aol.com