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8753: Negociations are over - the WSFH won, Haiti lost. (Saint-Vil) , (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

TFHN - Thursday July 19, 2001

This week, a Y2K-compliant silent coup d'état took new strength in Haiti. 
Without fanfanre and with clean-looking hands, the U.S., French, German, 
Canadian... Ambasssadors all got what their bosses wanted all along. They 
successfully attained the annulment of  Lavalas' large and logical victory 
at the 2000 elections and, more importantly, the Haitian people are once 
again busy watching Copa America on T.V. - leaving «politics» at the hands 
of the foreign ambassador/governors and their accomplices.

According to CNN and other members of the WSNN, negociations between Lavalas 
and Convergence are making progress. What are they negociating?

TFHN sources reveal that what Lavalas wants is to be delivered from the 
unofficial embargo imposed on Haiti by its self-appointed friends (SAF - ou 
kwè se saf!). I.e. secure access to funds from the U.S.-controlled World 
Bank, IMF, UNEP etc... This is evident in the fact that president Aristide 
addressed his offers directly to the U.S. President (see the famous 8 points 
letter from Aristide to Bill Clinton) and to the Washington-based OAS.

What are Convergence's negociation objectives?

A «political accord» that includes a long list of specific demands as well 
as generalities ranging from  the once-inconceivable annulment of all 
elections conducted in 2000 to weirdly-undefined terminology such as 
security and governability.   In other words, the list is as long and fuzzy 
as an efficient stalling effort to cripple Aristide's five year term 
requires it to be. Doing a good job so far Convergence!

But, Haiti's omnicient friends say, in all this, there is good news for this 
most empoverished nation. Apparently, the composition and mandate of the 
Provisional Electoral Council are agreed upon by both Lavalas and the 
foreign ambassadors  and their employees. I wonder what the Wall Street 
Journal will publish this week-end? Perhaps:  «The negroes seem to have 
finally gotten it right in the God-forsaken, Voodoo-worshipping poorest 
nation of the N & W hemispheres!».

Who is really winning in these negociations?

Is it Lavalas? Obviously not. It has miserably failed by allowing its 
ennemies to plant multiple seeds of disunity within its ranks and now, they 
are just impatiently waiting for the explosion that will unescapably blow 
the thing to pieces.  Which sector will revolt first: Senator, Deputy, Local 
elected officials, the streets...? Make your guess....the laboratory will 
surely take care of such minor details in due time...

Did Convergence win the negociations?

>From their long list, they seem to have gotten a lot of concessions from 
Lavalas.  But, are the multiple particles assembled under Convergence's 
eagle wings better poised today to win fair elections in Haiti? Do they care 
about such a minor difficulty? More importantly, who will be Washington's 
best man for the next round? Who will inherit the $X Million: 
Pierre-Charles, Paul, Manigat, Bajeux, Bazin...? How will the Convergence 
gang react if the real negociators behind their desks break news to them 
that a set of new brokers will be employed for the next round?

Did the people of Haiti win these negociations?

That would be a first. Nonetheless, how much will be borrowed in his name to 
conduct the up-coming re-elections? How many of the electoral bulletins, and 
electoral law publications will be printed in Haiti? In France, in Canada, 
in Miami? As we say at home: pawòl anpil, machwè gonfle... So, everyone is 
more than willing to suck their teeth in resignation and take comfort in the 
Copa America. Maybe Ronaldo will score a few goals and «Soul Rasta» (the 
rara band) will take to the street...and make every body feel high....«m pa 
ka ri...twòp kou nan do m»

Did the U.S. and the other WSFH win the negociation?

Big time!

Having officially accepted to reconsider the 2000 elections, Lavalas can no 
longer claim with a straight face, that it will never sell away the people's 
vote. It has. But will the money start following their way? Hah! Knowing the 
sharks that swim in the ocean circle Haiti, I would not hold my 
breath....«pa kwè m ri...tout ti nasyon yo byen blese...»

Having spent all this effort to mobilise the population in 2000, the popular 
party gained experience but they also lost a lot of money which will not 
return to them from the sky. Furthermore, the new elections will, in all 
likelihood, be completely masterminded and controlled by those who will 
finance it from A to Z. You've guessed who...the sharks themselves: WSFH. 
«God la bless Amerikkka...»

Is Aristide really so naive to think that he will be left alone, after 
having stripped himself of only half of his clothes? If so, Brother Titid, 
TFHN have news for you. It appears, Haiti's SAF want to strip you bare 
naked.  It is rumored that all you want now is to hold legislative elections 
in Nov. 2002 and to hold local elections in April 2003. The 
ambassadors/governors say they will have none of it. Everything must be 
selected in November 2002. Now, why don't you try this to test them: Say 
today that you also agree to hold all elections in Nov. 2002 and I bet you, 
something else will pop up.  Try it!

We all know, these friends of ours are not interested in Haiti's struggle 
for democracy.  What they want is preservation of their supremacy in Haiti, 
in the Congo, in Sierra Leonne, in Jamaica, in South Africa...everywhere and 
at all times.  Brother, the question is, as the teen-agers say in North 
America: will you be willing to go all the way? Are you and them ready to 
«go steady » now? or will you stay faithful to your people?

Obviously, 1991 is forever gone...So could our popular Haitian president - 
whether he gets to finish his term sitting on a presidential seat or not. He 
got stripped of his first term in office (spent in exile 1991-1994), he lost 
the first half of his second presidency managing a foreign-sponsored and 
spoonfed electoral crisis, and will, in all likelihood, lose the second half 
of it preparing unpopular fake ambassy-led elections and seeking meager 
crumbs from the WSFH. At most, Titid will be able to give a popular party to 
a beaten and subdued people on January 1, 2004. Either way, White Supremacy 
(WSFH) is poised to laugh all the way...from the World Bank to IRI to IMF to 
USAID to Cooperation française. Unless, of course....

(Gotta go...this was Jafrikayiti reporting for TFHN)

In related news...

On Sunday July 15, 2001 Haiti's soccer team beat France 2:1, but the referee 
reversed the score...The WSFH said : pity! TFHN say: vòlè ap toujou vòlè - 
ala yon Francophonie ki vin pou nou tonton?»

«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!»

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