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8752: Haitian Artifacts? (fwd)

From: Erin.L.Preiser@mail.sprint.com

My name is Philip Preiser and I currently live in the Kansas City 
Kansas area.  For 16 years my family and I lived in Port-au-Prince 
Haiti.  Throughout our time in Haiti my father collected these stones.  
They were reportedly found in different farmer's fields when they 
tilled the soil for planting.  In the mid 80s my father had a Haitian 
museum curator look at the stones to see if he could find out their 
origin.  The gentleman told him that he "thought" they were Arawak 
Indian stones, but that was inconclusive without further analysis.  
My father passed away three years ago and the stones were given to me.  
I am attempting to verify their origin and possible value.  If you have 
any information for me I would greatly appreciate it.


Philip M. Preiser
821 E. Northview
Olathe, KS 66061