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8779: My POV on Adoption/Restavek from Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Usually people discuss stuffs, which are related to
their environment or experiences. I would like to
review my discussion about adoption and Restavek and
why I might hurt good-hearted people. In my country,
we have over 300,000 Restaveks some of them ( I do not
say all, I do not like to be misquoted) live under 
conditions that are similar or even worst to slavery.
Those parents gave away their children with the hope
they could get a better life in the city, instead they
are abused, raped by the husband, the children and
friends of the new master. I've seen children running
away, may God bless the heart of anyone who opens a
shelter for these kids, for these youths. One day,
when my brother was still in the Canadian congress, I
was very young (may be 6e Secondaire) I was invited to
dine in a cool house "Tet Dlo" Petionville, I had
refused to eat because the maids and the other people
who live in the house called domestic (Restavek)  were
not allowed to eat the same food, they were told to
eat corn " Mas moulu", How come you abuse someone who
cooks your own food, taking care of your own children?
May be theses folks are not aware about the strategies
our ancestors had used to give us our freedom. Many ?
are responsible for most of these abuses. They go to
church everyday, some of them are ministers, wife of
ministers and so on. One day, I saw a 8 years old boy
taking to school a 9 years, it should have been the
other way around. That 8 years old boy was wearing a
"boyo" with a dirty shirt while the 9 years old boy
was well-dressed, after taking that boy to school, he
will return home (not home) jail to do housework. This
type of abuse is so widespread, everybody thinks it is
ok. In the US many Haitians had brought some domestics
with them and some undocumented young girls are being
used like Restavek, this type of abuse is widespread
as well. When I see these stuffs, when I see what
these children are going thru, knowing how most
Restavek and adopted children are treated in Haiti,
this is why I was against individual to adopt a child
but I preferred a charitable organization to do it
where people can check the progress of that child. In
Haiti a domestic or Restavek dies, no question ask, no
investigation. They will be burry like animals, some
of them don't even have a funeral. The people of
Israel because of their sins had spent 400 years of
captivity, we had abused our children symbol of
innocence and seeing you in the US, Canada wanted to
be treated as equal, talking about the violation of
your rights and yet you keep over 300,000 of our youth
into (Restavek/slavery). 
I know many cases where adoption, domestic change the
live of many kids, may God bless you heart. If you
have or if you know someone who is abusing those
angels ask that person to stop. If you know anyone who
is doing this in the US, call social services
anonymously , when you try to save Godchildren this is
not a betrayal, failing to take action, you are an
accomplice. Example during your first period class, if
you see a student with expose mark on him/her, it is
your duty to report it to the office and document it
for your own records. 
I know friendship might put you in a strange situation
where you might not be willing to destroy someone else
career, ask yourself this question, will you accept
your children to face this type of abuse? Let that
person knows that you do not appreciate what he/she is
doing to these innocents or to these undocumented
young women. Prepare to break that friendship, it is
the right thing to do. 
Thanks God there are some charitable organizations
that  try their best to help these kids and youths out
and you should support them financially in order for
them to build more shelters, provide more food to
those needy.

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