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8776: Le Point (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Le Point
The Haitian people are tired with all these
negotiations. After the fall of Duvalier in 1986 many
so-called leaders had returned home with their
personal agenda. The country did not have a structure
political party but a bunch of political clubs. As of
today, Haiti does not have a structure political
party. Let take Lavalas as an example, everything is
built around Mr. Aristide, if something happen to that
gentleman today, it will the end of the Lavalas
movement. During this eternal negotiation, why
everyone wants to speak to the leader of that party?
Because he is indeed the party everyone else is taking
a free ride and he knows that. This is why 7 seats
change to 18 and new election, no question asks. 
Our country needs someone who can establish a bridge
between the high and the low class, someone who can
attract foreign and local investments, someone new.
People will be willing to give that person a chance
and help him/her out. A controversial person might be
very popular but he/she should realize that his/her
presence would keep away people who might be willing
to assist. Ladies and Gentlemen what you are seeing
going on right in Haiti does not make any sense. The
people need to have a sense of hope, our immediate
needs are food, shelters, if you are seating behind a
desk in the US, Canada and just analyze, and you miss
the boat. Those of you who are using the net in Haiti
and outside of Haiti, your primaries needs such as
food, shelter, health care, and so on had been met
already. Now you have the luxurious to analyze and
question things, some of you may not have any members
of you family back home, at this time how many you
have sent a dimes to help a charity foundation in
Haiti? Some of you are going to answer with more
analysis but before you do so. Try to make a trip to
Haiti, talk to the common citizen, visit the hospitals
you will see some Doctors taking money out of their
pockets to buy medicine for patients, you will see
people who don't know when and how they are going to
get their next meals, the road conditions are in bad
shape, blackout is a daily routine; after that trip if
you are honest within yourself, you will call all
these folks who are negotiating to settle this
nonsense dispute immediately and find a way to help
the people. 

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