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8777: Re: 8766: President Aristide visits Cuba (fwd)

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>


I think you are right, Aristide should define his government's objective 
himself.  Well, during his inaugural speech, Aristide promised pie in the 
sky, which is very good, nevertheless his speech is changing now, because so 
far, after seven months in power, we have not seen significant improvement 
in any way.  I was in Haiti during the beginning of July and zero tolerance, 
to me an anarchic method to solve insecurity, is not working like many 
people claim it to be.  I was born and raised in Haiti, went to school in 
Haiti, and I know what kind of misery the country faces.  In a very 
optimistic point of you we ought to shoot for getting Haiti out of either 
misery or poverty and I am a strong believer that a well-organized, 
corruption-free government can achieve that.  I am sorry but this statement 
is a sign of weak leader ship and weak self-confidence to me,

Jean Succar