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8786: Looking for work in Haiti

From: Kathleen Carlson <kittysnarlson@hotmail.com>

Hi, my name is Kathleen Carlson. I am interested in working in Haiti in 
either of the two fields described below. I am seeking a teaching position 
in an English speaking school for the 2001-2002 year. My special skills 
include journalism and photography as well as Mac computer skills. I also 
would be interested in a communications specialist position for publications 
or non-profit work. I have a double-degree in Journalism and International 
Studies, with an English minor. Or if you need employees and think I might 
be useful, contact me. Please reach me directly as I am not a list member. 
Thank you. e-mail: kittysnarlson@hotmail.com Address: 95-2031 Waikalani 
Place #D104, Mililani, HI 96789. Home phone: 808.623.7390. Cell phone: 

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