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8785: Videos en Kreyol (fwd)

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

For the Cayuga County special program for temporary farmworkers, nearly all
of whom are Haitian, I am hoping to find videos in Kreyol dealing with
any health, safety, and well-being issues. The program has one excellent
video on SIDA (AIDS) but nothing else.  One of the nurses thought that
patients waiting to the see the doctor who visits one a week would find any
such tapes instructive and at the very least a relief from just sitting
there. Some ti-moun are there also, so if anyone knows of Kreyol kid tapes
we would be VERY interested.

If anyone knows the source of such videos, I will appreciate it if you
please let me know right away.

Reply to me at <legracebenson@claritycopnnect.com>