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8799: Statements on attacks against police stations and Police Academy (fwd)

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Statements of July 28, 2001 in the aftermath of the pre-dawn attacks by
commando team(s) in military clothes, who are reported to be former military,
on police stations in Petionville and in the province(s) and the Police
Academy which houses special units of the Police. During the attack on the
Petionville police station they forced the prisoners to yell, "Long live the
army!"  Some police and personnel were killed, some injured, some allegedly

These attacks occurred as the negotiations to resolve the political crisis
which surrounded the contested senatorial seats were about to resume.  


President of the Senate, Yvon Neptune, who is also the acting head of Fanmi
Lavalas, was clear in his assertions during a radio interview that the
Haitian people should move forward with the elections of the contested senate
seats as already agreed to by Fanmi Lavalas and nothing should stand in the
way of democracy and the continuation of the negotiations which he called
"very important."

Senator Neptune deplored the attacks on the police stations and the police
academy and explained that, "It wasn't very long ago, that Prime Minister
Alexis, under the Preval government, explained that they had learned of plans
of a coup d'etat to destabilize the country and the government. There is a
certain sector whose strategy with regards to the government is clear. There
is an anti-change force in the country. There is a coup d'etat force in the
country. They haven't gotten it out of their heads yet and they still think
that it is possible for the Army to return...They are calling loudly for the
return of the Army. What has happened today early this morning at the Police
Academy and the commissariats and in the town of Mirabalais, it is a
confirmation of the same thing that the Haitian people have been denouncing
and that the base has also been denouncing, and that the government has also
been denouncing. That means that till today there is a coup d'etat force
existing in the country which is connected with January 7, 1991 [attempted
coup d'etat by Roger Lafontant against the victory by Aristide during the
presidential elections], September 30, 1991 [coup d'etat which ousted
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide] and connected to many other attempts at
making a coup d'etat.

"This is a clear confirmation that is very important for the Haitian people
and for the base of Fanmi Lavalas, for all the Fanmi, for all the delegates,
everywhere in the country, there is only one priority, to remain vigilant and
at the same time to mobilize for peace in the face of all the forces of the
coup d'etat."


Senator Lans Clones (Fanmi Lavalas) said, "When the serious insecurity was
decreased, when a sense of security was taking hold, the former military
wanted to put the people back into a coup d'etat and without security again. 
We remember September 91, we remember the consequences which resulted in
5,000 people killed.  The Haitian people cannot return to a coup d'etat
again, the Haitian people cannot return to a military which was killing the

We think today it is the time for the Haitian people to mobilize, to take to
the streets, to show the former military that we will not go backwards!...We
pray for dignity, We are fighting against all forms of coup d'etat by any
group.  For me this was an attempt  at a coup d'etat because they tried to
take the Academy where the SWAT team, which is a strong force in the country,
is.  For me it is the beginning of a coup d'etat.


Press release issued by Minister of Culture and Communications Guy Paul and
Minister of Interior Henri-Claude Menard states that the government mourns
the tragic loss of police officers, praises the police for their courage and
bravery and affirms that they are continuing to protect the people.  It calls
on the Haitian people to remain calm and vigilant and to reinforce the peace
and stability that all Haitians seek.  


Senator Gerard Gilles (Fanmi Lavalas):  "This was done by the traditional
forces of the coup d'etat who are trying to block the road of change." 

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