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8798: Habitat for Humanity's Construction Week in Haiti (fwd)

From: Antoine Blanc <amprblanc@yahoo.fr>

The Haitian branch of Habitat for Humanity International, is organizing a
Construction Week from 5th to 11th August at Bercy (located between Cabaret
and L'Arcahaie on RN1).
The organization's approach is to work with local communities, granting
long-term interest-free loans and technical assistance, to build simple,
decent, and affordable houses for families in need.
At Bercy, the State has given 5 carreaux to built a village of up to 200
The first 8 will be erected during this Construction Week.
Normally, the manpower is mainly the beneficiary's families and friends.
During the Construction Week anyone willing to help will be most welcomed on
the site, for a day or a week...
Lodging and meals will be provided at cost.
For more information, please click here:

Antoine Blanc

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