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8823: Re: 8822: Re: 8821: Re: 8818: Slavin:Carnival 2002 Query (fwd): On Carnival: Poincy comments (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

Come to think of it, the carnival period is the only
peaceful one in Ayiti in the last decade. But right
after troubles begin, I find that very sick. Indeed
the society is realy sick to function that way. 

What if a serious government decided not to have
carnival one year, what would be the people's
reaction? Would the government feel safe holding power
for long? 

The Duvaliers regime thought of carnival as a
distraction from misery; for there used to be two
carnivals in one year.  Quite a way to put the people
to sleep! Is it the same nowadays? 

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live


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