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8824: Reply on Dorelien post

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Perhaps I am falling into a stupid trap--punching at a straw-man 
because obviously SOMEBODY needs to do it--but regarding the "Ex-colonel
Dorelien" issue--I couldn't help notice that a very long paragraph of 
quotations from NCHR lambasting the Haitian legal system was immediately 
followed by something like "we know Carl Dorelien is a sterling
etc. Maybe I've been following Haiti too long, but it was it an accident
the sequence seems to imply that NCHR is endorsing the sterling character
Dorelien??? I rather doubt that they would, but you have to re-read the 
article a few times to figure that out... just an "accidental"
I guess... Perhaps NCHR has clarified this already. --Nancy Laleau