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8825: Re: 8824 Reply on Dorelien post (fwd)

From: defending_dorelien@inbox.as

The NCHR quotes are not meant to imply that the NCHR does or does not endorse 
Carl Dorelien's character.  They are meant to reinforce the fact that the 
Haitian legal system cannot be judged by American standards, and that it is 
incompetent and corrupt.  

Carl Dorelien's conviction was more political than judicial or humanitarian.  
This so-called judgment was dictated from start to finish by the Lavalas 
government in its quest of retaliation against the members of the HAF, 
especially the HAF High Command.  No testimony or any piece of evidence can 
link the HAF High Command - and consequently Carl Dorelien - to that incident.  
Furthermore, justice, in general, is based on violations, law, order and 
responsibility.  Carl Dorelien did not commit any violations of the Haitian 
law.  He did not give any order directly or indirectly in regard to 
the "Raboteau" incident.  He had no involvement whatsoever morally, 
intellectully, administratively, formally or informally in that incident for 
which he can be blamed.

In fact, many entities, national and international, have investigated this   
incident and their report can be found to prove, refute and assert the  
responsibilities of everyone involved.  The U.S. Embassy in Haiti, the Haitian 
parliament, the Assistant Chief of Staff G2 of the HAF High Command, Amnesty 
International and others have all investigated the incident and filed reports 
that can be found and analyzed to find the truth.  In none of them - partial or 
impartial - will you find the name of Carl Dorelien linked in any way to the 

Carl Dorelien is one of the few officers of the HFA who has no skeletons   
whatsoever in his closet.  His name can not be linked - with honest proof - to 
any wrong doings of the HAF.  His name never figured in any national or 
international human rights reports.  Carl was and is unfairly caught in the 
middle of, and being used in a political game.  It is a well-known fact that 
the Haitian authorities use the Haitian criminal judiciary system to retaliate 
against political opponents.  Furthermore, the persons indicted in that 
incident did not have the right to have their own lawyer at that so-called 
trial.  They were assigned a public counsel designated by the government.

We do not ask anyone to believe anything that we have written here.  In search 
for the truth, anyone can go to the source and verify the facts stated here.  
Go to Haiti and investigate; find out who Carl Dorelien is.  Ask Monseigneur 
Romulus (a relative to Mr. Aristide), who is the "Grand Anse" Diocese bishop 
and who witnessed Carl Dorelien while he was assigned as the "Grand Anse" 
department commander.  Ask the current Haitian Prime Minister, Jean Marie 
Cherestal, who observed him during the coup period.  Ask the government's 
witnesses in the "Raboteau" trial about the facts.

We do not think it is fair or just to punish the Haitian Armed forces through 
Carl Dorelien.  We cannot believe that this is happening in the United States 
of America.  Nevertheless, we do believe in the Oath of Allegiance that we 
pledge "to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for 
which it stands one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for 
all"... including Carl Dorelien.

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