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8834: Re: 8829: Raul Peck (fwd)

From: JAALLEN181@aol.com

    I read the article this morning in the editerial section of the New York 
times.  I was very happy for Roul Peck , his work speaks for itself.  
    Question: when will we have the pleasure of seeing this movie in Miami?
    When I read Raoul Peck's book "Jusqu'au bout de la patience" two years 
ago, I felt sorry for him for believing in the Lavalas and wasting his time 
as minister of culture.  It was a dejected man who wrote that book.  His 
years as a militant did not prepare him for the farce in which he had become 
an actor until he bowed out. The Lavalas people only needed a credible name, 
not the work and the leadership such a bright individual could provide.  
Genuine cultural reform was not the order of the day.
    Mr. Peck is back with the most elegant and powerful statement he can 
make, and we can only deplore that such an able man was not allowed to help 
in the construction of the Haitian Society.
    Joseph A. Allen DDS