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8836: Mackandal- haitian maroon (fwd)

From: Martine Jean <alix3@hotmail.com>

Hello everyone,

I'm doing research on Mackandal, an 18th century Haitian maroon. Mackandal 
used poison and vodou ideologically to attempt to overthrow slavery and 
colonialism in 18th century St Domingue, now Haiti.

Could anyone give me further information on this man. I am particularly 
interested on sources related to him. If anyone knows any rare book on him, 
please post it on the list for me.

Also, I gather that since he caused quite a tumult in St Domingue, there 
must be some records of him in French archives. Anyone has any idea of how I 
could have access to these presumed sources whether in American or French 
special collections. If any of them come with web directories, please 
forward them to me.

Thanks for your help


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