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8840: Re: 8831: On Bazin's idea of taxing Ayitians living in the US (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Good point but what I got in return, fair question
I will go a step further the tax money should go
directly to that person hometown. I believe it can be
done for those Haitians who want to vote and double
citizenship. In everything, the first question is what
is my ROI? Loft of Haitians in the Diaspora would like
to vote, the former Haiti President Mr. Preval was
working on it, it did not make it to the congress. I
don't know the status right now but before talking
about taxation, the Haitian congress should vote on
double citizenship first and allow Haitian in the
Diaspora to vote. If true, Mr. Bazin had come up with
a brilliant idea that should be taken into
consideration by all sectors. Each registered voter in
the Diaspora shall send the money directly to his/her
department and every cent shall go to that person
birthplace. the question to remain in the country for
five long years before running for office shall be
removed from the constitution, it's too long 6 months
to campaign. People will be willing to pay taxes as
long as they can have their fair share. I had make a
citoyennete Card (Citizenship Card) when Haiti was
living under the dynasty of Duvalier since that baby
boy was sworn to office when he was 18, this was a
joke, I need that money that back.  Hopefully, Mr.
Bazin who had the nickname of Mr Clean when he was
working in the Duvalier regime may bring something
good for the country. He had done a lot in Africa, I
hope Haitians give him a chance to do something for
the country. Haiti needs three keys people in the
Government, Bazin (already in), Dr. Manigat and Prof:
Latortue. These people will be supported by a wide
range of foreign countries, by now most of you should
know that a particular country can support you because
of the presence of a particular individual in the

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