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8839: Zenship (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Do not waste your time to talk to any new comer who is
talking about homesick, wants to return to the
country, talks negatively about the US or makes the US
responsible for every wrong thing in Haiti. Give that
person some times; he/she will regret what he/she had
said. After leaving away from your country for more
than five years and expect to live many more, you may
never return to live back home but you will be a local
tourist. If you live here legally for more than five
years, it could have been a good idea to become a US
citizen. Life is full of surprise, and you will
understand life backward but must be lived forward.
Imagine you are working with your green card if you
have it after 1993; it will be expired in ten years as
long as it is for renewal new requirements can be
attached to it. Then you see yourself without proper
document, be careful. The era of prosperity this
country had enjoyed for the past 50 years is coming to
an end, rough time is ahead, the recession is
approaching at the speed of light, Allan Greenspan
Despite lowering constantly the interest rate, no
improvement these are sign the country is expected to
be in a deep recession. Once people start losing their
jobs "nativity" will take place, many jobs will
requirement to show your citizenship card, a rising of
anti-tolerant against immigrant, new laws will take
place to deal with the current situation, which may
affect you. If you keep your citizenship for a career
in politic back home, Good luck. Remember, you can be
more useful for Haiti or your hometown from outside.
Some of you are going to say "Si mwen te konnyin" if I
knew, sorry it would be too late.  By now, you know
the United States of America is the land of
opportunity; you can make it and the beauty of this
country you can restart again and again. Rule # one,
life is real. Deal with it today not how it supposes
to be "il ne faut pas vivre dans l'irréel du présent" 

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