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8838: Re: 8831: On Bazin's idea of taxing Ayitians living in the US (fwd)

From: Jrlaraque@aol.com

I think the idea of taxing Haitians living abroad is not a bad one.  But in 
return, Haitians living abroad, naturalized or not, should be able to have a 
real say in the political affairs of the country.  They should be able to 
vote. work, and occupy any political functions just like those who live in 
the country.  

Furthermore,  the diaspora (or  the 10th Department as we used to call it) 
should become a real regional and political entity just like the other 
Departments, with its own senators and deputies to represent the millions of 
Haitians who live abroad and are willing to give a helping hand to our dear 

Jean Laraque