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8842: Haitians living abroad paying Haitian taxes

From: Rollmein@aol.com

I am a Haitian who live in the US I found paying tax for my country will
be a 
good idea but I have one problem with that. When I send my hard working
to the Haitian government what they are going to do with that money? I
they are many things to do, but for those who already corrupt the country
taking  money and put it in their pocket what are they going to do now
they see more money are coming for the country? ahhhhhhh. for those people 
please, let my country build up that one day not only we will be happy,
going there for a nice vacation also where it could be a place that would 
make people going there to do business. let's put the beauty of the sun, 
beaches, mountains, and don't forget our culture so that tomorrow we all
sit and celebrate our new beautiful country.