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8843: Adoptive parents need advice

From: Elizabeth Greyson <megreyson@sprint.ca>

[Please reply to Elizabeth at the address above this line.]

We have adopted two children from Haiti.  It has been a wonderful
experience - 
both children are strong and healthy and readily bonded with our family.
We don't 
want them to grow up not knowing about their Haitian heritage, but find it 
difficult to find material (books, videos, etc.) on Haiti that actually
casts a 
positive spin on Haiti instead of the usual negativity.  Right now they
are 2 1/2 
and 4 so we're presently looking for material geared to that age.  We have
some books on Haiti for children but they are story books about Haitian
tap taps, etc., and not really anything about Haiti's history, heritage,
Does anyone have any suggestions???