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Corbett's off again, this time on bike : LIST WILL BE DOWN A WHILE

Folks, this list will be down a while, no idea who long.  Depends 
upon the weather, what kind of time we're having and how my books
hold out. I'm only taking 4 with me.  Nervous to only have 4 books
with me.

We're headed toward a remote area of northeast Austria, then over
into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and circling back.  If all's
going well we're ride back through the Wachau Valley which we did
a few weeks ago and on to Germany.  We'll probably ride until we're
exhausted and then take a train how.

We have to be back by Aug. 22nd, but I suspect it will be a good deal
before that, but this may be the last message for a while.  If I run
into any cyber cafes (and one might even do that in remote areas these
days), then I'll check in, but I won't have time to mail too

Enjoy your summer folks, I'm trying to get this break in before a 
very busy fall semester.  And I'm supposed to be retired!!!

Bob Corbett