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8874: Re: 8869: Ft. Liberte info requested (fwd)

From: Perdue and Persinos <vtandwi@erols.com>

The best source is "The Story of Fort Liberty and the Dauphin Plantation" by Robert L. Pettigrew.  This is a rare book but is
readily available via interlibrary loan.  Copies are in several college libraries (Georgetown Univ., for example) and Library of
Congress and National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD.  It was published by the author so was considered a "vanity" publication
and did not get in the typical indices.  It is an excellent work.

Bob Perdue

Corbett adds:  I am fairly sure I saw that book offered by a dealer whose
list I have.  Anyone needing it contact me and I'll see if I can locate
the dealer.

Bob Corbett