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8911: Re: 8882: Re: 8866: Cheapest telephone rates to Haiti? (fwd)

From: Robert Wilcox <rwilcox54@hotmail.com>

I have been paying 28 cents per minute, with NO connect fee and also 11.5 
cents per minute with a $2.49 connect fee.  I had a problem with an over 
charge on my connect fee recently, but when I called the 800 support number, 
they promptly corrected the error, crediting the overcharge back to my 
calling card.

The name of the company is Nobel and you can find out more by going to their 
web page at nobelcom.com  I have not association with this company, other 
than being one of their customers.

I hope others find this company to be as satisfactory as I have.

bob wilcox
Frankfort, Michigan

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