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8919: Re: 8911: Re: 8882: Re: 8866: Cheapest telephone rates to Haiti? (fwd)

From: Robert Wilcox <rwilcox54@hotmail.com>

I recently responded to a post regarding telephone rates in Haiti.  In this 
post I recommended a company called Nobelcom.  Since my positive post 
regarding this company, I have experienced a lot of difficulty with them 
over charging me and it has been difficult to get any response from customer 

I have not given up on this company, but felt obligated to send this post to 
qualify my prior recommendation.  As with any internet company, it always 
makes sense to be careful and use common sense.  I have been limiting my 
purchases to the cards without a connect fee.  Also, please read the 
"DETAILS" section of any card you purcase.  This is where you will find some 
of the "Hidden" costs, such as, activation fees or maintenance fees, 
qualifiers for calling cell phones, etc.

Bob Wilcox

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