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8925: Re: 8904: Job Creation, again (fwd)

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In a message dated 08/17/2001 12:09:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time, ANONYMOUS 
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<< Of course, it can be argued (and has been argued on this list)
 that assembly jobs are really not worth chasing anyway.  But
 with so many people having NO job at all, it would seem that
 some attention ought to be paid to the truly desperate situation
 which is causing people to risk life and limb on the high seas. 
 By making it next to impossible to open an export-based factory,
 the Haitian Government does its level best to ensure that there
 will be none. >>
Bad, abusive jobs are not better than NO jobs.  Fix the
conditions then talk about investing in assembly jobs.  Until
then, expect road blocks.