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8926: Re: 8906: 8904: Job Creation, again (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

<< With the premise that the economy should be the
 greatest priority, the question is what sectors should
 be targeted. Three sectors come to mind because of
 ease of implementation, lack of burden to public
 funds, and because little skilled labor needed. Those
 sectors are in priority order: the assembly industry,
 agriculture and tourism.  >>
Economy for whom?  It sounds as though you are not
too happy that it's hard to get rich in Haiti off of cheap
labor anymore.  What is needed is improvement in the economy
for everyone.  If a person can only hope to keep his head above
water by taking a factory job, then it is not worth helping some
owner get wealthy (or wealthier).  If a person can hope to save 
money to improve their living conditions; housing, sanitation, 
food, and healthcare, then by all means bring in the factories.
Does anyone on the list want to bet which of these scenarios
is operating at this time??  I am against helping rich people in
Haiti get richer............the trickle down theory is full of holes...