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8941: Re: 8928: Dorce repsonds to Durban re:recommendations (fwd)

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:51:35 EDT

In a message dated 08/22/2001 6:31:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Lance Durban 
<lpdurban@yahoo.com writes:

<<  I hear what you're saying, Kathy, but would be interested in
 what concrete proposals should be undertaken to help the poor
 masses you champion. >>
I approve of Haitian solutions to Haitian problems.  I do
not pretend to be an economist or an expert in third world
development.  I know when people are being exploited and
I know when a solution is one-sided.  It's like art........"I may
not know art but I know what I like."  I have seen with my
own eyes what factories have done for Haiti's economy.  
I have talked with poor Haitians who angrily denounce these
jobs as dehumanizing......some after working in these factories.
I am not saying that no factory should operate in Haiti.  I am not 
saying every businessman is exploitive.  If working conditions
are adequate for Haiti (I concede to conditions that are
below standard for US workers) then bring them on.  But it
is my experience and understanding that these adequate 
conditions are way too much for US companies to consider,
because of the cost involved.  I maintain that it is immoral
to get rich off of people's misery because "they are used
to horrible conditions and slave wages".  I maintain that a
company can operate in Haiti very profitably while giving
a decent working wage and minimally decent working 
I don't know about that but if it's true, then please 
tell me how things can move if the US is holding things
up?  How can things move if the holy opposition is putting
political burning tires in the road?  I am with you 100% when
you say it would be so much better if Haiti wasn't looking
at foreign aid as a way to function.  It will never work.  It
is too expensive.  However the road to self sufficiency is
not an easy one.  Look at Cuba, and it may mean just that
if Haiti turns her back on the US and allies.  Honestly, if
it were me, I would vote to turn down US aid and take
my chances with other more friendly nations who offer
more productive solutions than cash money.  But I am
an outsider and my posts just reflect my solidarity with
majority class Haitians and not a wish to impose my values or
ideas on them.  I am only hearing from people who either 
represent upper class Haitians or Americans who may 
sympathize with business owners and investors.  Remember
that majority class Haitians, the ones who would work in
these factories, are not submitting posts for our edification.

Kathy Dorce~